I purchased the Calendar and never got an email. How do I access the items I purchased?

By Trevor Gensler

Last Update 5 个月前

Directly after your order, you will be redirected to a unique Instant Download page. You will also receive an email with a unique link to download your purchase.

There are times when technology doesn't work as it should or there was a typo in the email address used to complete your purchase. If you don't receive the email within 15 minutes of your purchase, follow these steps:

~Check your spam folder for ALL your email addresses

~If you paid via PayPal, make sure you're checking the email address associated with your PayPal account

~Try to recover your order by clicking this link and entering your email address: https://transactions.sendowl.com/order_recoveries/new?merchant_id=118805

If none of the troubleshooting steps above works, submit a support ticket using the link in the menu bar above and we will help you out.   

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