I'm confused by your copyright. What am I allowed to share?

Trevor Gensler

Last Update vor einem Jahr

You are allowed to use the calendar and all content within the calendar to create social media posts for your own business. You are not allowed to distribute or share the calendar with other people for their use on social media or marketing purposes.

If you are a VA or social media marketing agency, you are welcome to use the calendar to help you create content and plan posts for your clients, but you are not allowed to share a copy of the calendar with your clients. If you'd like your clients to have a copy of the calendar, consider signing up to become an affiliate and refer them to purchase their own copy using your affiliate link. You can learn more about our affiliate program and sign up to become an affiliate here: https://www.angiegensler.com/become-an-affiliate/

You are also not allowed to resell the calendar as your own work. This includes derivative works of the calendar - meaning you can't make changes to the calendar and then sell it as your own work. Derivative works infringe on our copyright and our legal team will seek damages. 

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