What social media scheduler do you recommend?

Trevor Gensler

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Based on my experience, I recommend PromoRepublic for small business owners to schedule their social media posts.

Why PromoRepublic?

They provide all the pieces you need to create and schedule content all in one place.

  • Robust Content Scheduler
  • Built-in Graphics Editor (Think Canva)
  • Library of Done-for-You Content
  • Detailed Stats and Reporting

The only downside with social scheduling tools like PromoRepublic is that they cost money. Trevor and I are huge advocates for living debt-free and keeping your business expenses as low as possible.

That’s why we’ve formed a partnership with PromoRepublic to cover half of your social media scheduler expenses for the next 12 months. 

You can save 50% for an entire year of PromoRepublic if you sign up here

Before you sign up for PromoRepublic, please know that I don’t recommend PromoRepublic for Pinterest.

Tailwind is the tool you need to get results on Pinterest. 

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